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Looking for a comprehensive multilingual service to improve your global approach? You have come to the right place.

Your company already has an international presence. Your products, services and courses are available worldwide to a diverse population, hailing from Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and America (both from the North and the South). However, while sharing a love for the underwater world, this diving community is a mix of languages, cultures and backgrounds, one unlike the other. Thus, your company should not have an international presence, but rather the right international presence.

Professional translation is the foundation to achieve this successfully.

You may never give much thought to translation. And that’s alright. After all, it’s supposed to be invisible. French should read like real French. Spanish should be understood by Mexicans and Spaniards alike. German and Swiss divers should grasp what the computer manual says before jumping in the water. And the soon-to-be certified Dutch couple should feel comfortable doing their Open Water course. In their own language.

Scuba Translations can help you with this.


It is undisputed that the most important aspect of diving happens, well, underwater. But none of it would ever take place without the countless hours of in-class training, reading, and studying. Additionally, multilingual product literature is as valuable as the equipment itself. A diver who doesn't understand how to operate the gear underwater is clearly in danger. A wrong number or a mistranslation in a manual could very much be fatal. And that’s when reliable, specialized translation is key.

Diving Expertise

You won’t find another translation company like Scuba Translations, where everyone translating knows about diving. Either because we are also diving instructors, former tech divers, or simply love plunging underwater whenever we get a chance to.

Multilingual Experience

And, while the different language team members hail from every corner of the Earth, we all share one thing in common: Linguistic experience and a background in translation. Diving knowledge is just not enough when crafting high-quality text. Rules for each language have to be followed, including proper punctuation, grammar and style.

Real, Professional Translators

Free Machine Translation is no longer a novelty. It’s been around for decades and they still can’t shake off the cheap feel that comes with robot-like sentences, inconsistent style and, most importantly, unpredictable results. Stick to real native people if you want to convey a respectful, high-quality brand in other languages.


Scuba Translations strives to get your content right from the beginning. If we have the chance, we’ll master your equipment prior to translating the manual and learn your tech skills in the water, so that your course is Truk-Lagoon-clear in French, as you wrote it in English.

Global Reach

Yes, English is definitely the lingua franca nowadays and you can probably get away with not translating into other languages. However, there’s a whole other world out there you could be sharing your brand with if you just translate your material into a handful of key languages. Think about it!

Language Consultancy

You already have in-house bilingual staff taking care of translation and don’t have a budget for outsourcing translation from scratch? Well, we can analyze your already-translated content, give you feedback on its quality and usability and (if necessary) provide you with proofreading and QA at a fraction of the cost. To make it shine a little brighter, sort of speak.


Scuba Translations' competitive edge lies primarily in assembling teams with linguists specialized in the field. Therefore, when it comes to the actual translation process, we just follow a standard Translation, Editing and Proofreading process, which guarantees a high-quality, error-free final text.


The translation stage is usually assigned to a single translator, but several translators can work simultaneously if there are time constraints. If applies, the translator/s will make inquiries about the material during this stage. This step includes the preliminary creation of a glossary and a style guide to guarantee terminology and linguistic consistency throughout the text.


After the translation has been completed, a reviewer takes care of the bilingual editing, which involves correcting any terminology, grammar, style and/or punctuation issues detected. During this stage, the original translators are still in the loop and the whole team discusses all changes to the text to come to the best possible final target content.


The final check and QA takes place after the content has been formatted back to its original layout. This proofreading stage is usually done by the original translator, who is already familiar with the material and will be able to spot any minor details to correct, including misplaced text, missing translations or typos overlooked in the previous stages.


These are the main languages we translate into. If you can't find the one you need in this list, do not hesitate to ask:

We are forming new language teams constantly.





























These are some of the great companies we collaborate with.


First off, I’ll just come clean:

I’m not nearly as experienced in diving as I am in translation. But, man, how bad have I fallen in love with the underwater world, I can’t begin to say.

It all started in the Mexican Caribbean, as so many love stories probably do. After taking the Open Water in Cozumel, I was hooked.

For the next couple of months, I would dive Central America like there was no tomorrow; but it wasn’t going to be enough. I went back home, landlocked Rosario (Argentina), already longing for the ocean, the coral reefs, the dancing fish.

Scuba Translations was born out of necessity. I needed an excuse to be a part of this amazing community of people who love water and everything in it. But I didn’t want to let go of my other love, my love for languages and words.

Which is why Scuba Translations is a marriage. A marriage of passions.

Nicolás Vercesi

Spanish Translator and Director

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